Tarstone Road Maintenance provides a nationwide comprehensive crack & joint repair service. These joints are usually caused by the degradation of the cold joint formed during application of the wearing course.

The Problem.

  • Often seen in older HRA surfaces with comparatively large chipping size or newer “thin surfacing” laid during exceptionally cold weather • Once the joint has opened, allowing water to penetrate into the wearing course (and below) only a few winter’s freeze-thaw cycles can cause structural damage
  • Once the crack opens significantly LA’s expose themselves to liability issues around
    ride quality, especially regarding motorbike safety, etc.
  • “Overbanding”, traditionally done using plain bitumen went out of fashion 10 years ago due to material limitations, leaving a decade of untreated road joints.

The Solution.

Overband Joint Repairs

  • Fast to install
  • Seals & Prevents water ingress
  •  Low Cost

Fill & Overband Joint Repairs

  • Seals & prevents water ingress
  • Reinstate surface profile
  • Provide long term SRV
  • Avoid Rutting
  • Support the broken edge.

Inlaid Single or Multiple Cracks Repair

  • Flush Road surface Finish
  • Greater body of repair
  • Often in concrete road repairs
  •  Repairs pitted, spalling or broken surfaces.